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What does it sound like to run a guitar through a modular synth?

What does it sound like to run a guitar through a modular synth?

5+ Hour Video Analyzing Allan Holdsworth's Guitar Music

A comprehensive study of Allan Holdsworths improvisational ideas, patterns, scales, charts & tunings

Classical Guitar Fingernail Care Tips

Preventing fingernail wear with tape.

Fundamentals of Piano Practice

Here's a free online book with practice tips.

Ableton's Learning Music Site

Ableton has an interesting 'Learning Music' site.

Songwriting Tips: Van Halen's Hit Song Formula

Here's an interesting video about Van Halen's Hit Song Formula

El Libro de Oro, Volume 1 - The Barrios Method

This book might interest Barrios fans.

Brazilian Choro Guitar Technique

Here's a video about playing Brazilian choro music on guitar.

João Gilberto's Right-Hand Fingernails

Here's a photo of João Gilberto's right-hand fingernails.

How to Play Brazilian Choro Music

Here's a video with tips on playing Brazilian choro music.

Elizabeth Cotten's Guitar Technique

I found a video that shows closeups of Elizabeth Cotten's guitar technique.

Create Audio Plugins with C++

Learn how to make audio plugins with C++.

How to Play Johnny Smith's Moonlight in Vermont

Frank Vignola teaches Johnny Smith's "Moonlight in Vermont"

Holdsworth-Style Legato Tips

Some interesting tips on legato technique

Tips on Learning the Guitar Fretboard

Some tips on learning the fretboard.

Songwriting Tips from Paul McCartney and Paul Simon

I found some videos where Paul McCartney and Paul Simon talk about songwriting.

'How to Learn to Play Jazz' Reddit Advice

I saw some interesting advice on Reddit about where to start with jazz.

Music Study Table, Picks, and Strings

I set up a dedicated table for studying music.

Reharmonization Techniques Book

I started reading Reharmonization Techniques by Randy Felts.

Sight Reading Progress

I've been making progress with sight reading on guitar.

1-String Horizontal Arpeggio Exercises

I'm practicing this arpeggio exercise.

Leavitt Reading Studies, Day 1

I started Reading Studies for Guitar by William Leavitt.

Reading Studies for Guitar (Berklee/Leavitt)

I picked up some new guitar books.

3 Hours of 19th Century Guitar Music

Here's a video with 3 hours of 19th century guitar music.

Musicianship and Music Theory Resources

I'm looking around for a good music theory book to read.

Olga Praguer Coelho, Segovia, and Nylon Guitar Strings

The first guitarist to give a concert with nylon strings?

An Old Double-Necked Guitar

I saw an interesting, double-necked guitar in a documentary.

Major Scale Patterns on the Guitar Fretboard

I published a page of major scale patterns for the guitar fretboard.

Guitar Practice Update

An update on guitar practice.

Allan Holdsworth Answers Questions

Allan Holdsworth answers questions at The Cutting Room in 2014.

Eddie Van Halen on Allan Holdsworth

Eddie Van Halen on Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth Book: Devil Take the Hindmost

I'm reading a book about Allan Holdsworth.

Allan Holdsworth Live with Tony Williams Lifetime

Some amazing solos by Allan Holdsworth.

How to Write Sheet Music with MuseScore 3

MuseScore is a free program for writing sheet music.

Allan Holdsworth's Atavachron Album 🖖

Atavachron is a Star Trek themed album by Allan Holdsworth where he plays a SynthAxe.

Fixing an Old Electric Guitar

I've started fixing an old electric guitar.

Relearning Guitar

I've started relearning guitar.